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A Comprehensive Account by R. F. Keam

ISBN 0-473-00444-5


Tarawera Book Cover
Tarwera Book Cover


170 illustrations (13 in full colour, and most of the others duotones)
21 maps, plans and diagrams
approximately 2000 references
xvi plus 472 pages (297mm x 210mm)
printed on 150gsm Arctic White gloss art paper
bound in Buckram

Sample Chapters:

The shadow
The last days of Te Wairoa
Double dawn on the coast
Te Wairoa's ordeal
Reactions, refugees and reporters
Tuhoto Ariki
How to treat a hero
The fate of the Terraces

In New Zealand tradition, the word 'Tarawera' is almost synonymous with 'volcanic eruption.'  But, while the violent outburst on 10 June 1886, and the resulting disappearance of the famed silica terraces at Rotomahana, have already been described in many articles and several books, an analytical and comprehensive historical account of the outbreak and of the circumstances
surrounding it has remained unwritten. Tarawera is intended to fill this gap.  With its full set of references, this volume is also intended to provide a secure platform upon which other detailed historical studies of the eruption may confidently be based.  More than anything else, however, the book is aimed at presenting a readable account of a fascinating subject, and at bringing alive the experiences of those caught up in a violent upheaval without parallel in the recorded history of New Zealand.

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